About us

Target Hiking is a new department of Target Travel.

Target Travel is always researching new ideas and innovative offers. This brand-new website is born from thirty-years of experience and devotion, and will continuously grow with new itineraries and activities.


Target Travel has been operating in the tourism business since 1985 and our offers are always innovative and experiential. We do not want to offer a type of journey that seems a simple vacation, instead we want the journey to become something deep and emotional, which provides a memorable experience to the visitor.


Target Travel staff is strongly motivated and highly qualified, and we do not leave nothing to chance.


Each itinerary is well studied to be perfect and suitable for every need, and we provide diverse experiences that match the visitor’s interests, creating their own unique memories.


All our itineraries are constantly tested and updated, allowing us to assure a satisfying travel experience and offer exclusive feelings to our customers, which is the most important thing for us.


Target Hiking will allow you to discover a new way of travelling.

Best Regards,

Panzarin Daniele
CEO Target Travel


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