We build trails for Hiking in Italy among unique landscapes in the world

  • Hiking in Italy is our passion. TargetHiking transforms this passion for hiking and trekking in an experiential journey for all, through the Dolomites and the most beautiful landscapes of northern Italy.
    Targethiking's itineraries will take you to touch anything that can not be explained with descriptions and photos.
    We put the soul in each italian trekking tour and all this to give you that feeling that only a great experience can give.
    We build itineraries of hiking in Italy in collaboration with some of the most renowned experts in Trekking and Nature Guides . Our pride is on being able to create routes to immerse yourself in the local italian nature, in flavors, aromas and delights: to live a real unique amazing experience.

Enchanted places for amazing hiking in Italy

Dolomites, in the kingdom of pale mountains

Spectacular rock needless that defy the gaze, rocky peaks that dominate thick coniferous forests: the Dolomites are considered among the most wonderful mountain landscapes in the world and continue to enchant anyone who is looking for new experiences and emotions.

Discovering the Euganean Hills

On the gentle hillsides, the unique protagonist is the nature with its diverse varieties of flora and fauna. The charming natural environment and the rich historical and artistic heritage – villages, castles, monasteries – gives myriad  of great emotions to the visitor.

Along the Prosecco’s paths

A listing persuasive decreed the success of Prosecco, creating a style of Italian modern drinking, casual and cheerful. An amazing tour among the paths where viticulture has developed and integrated with the geographical, physical and climatic conditions of landscape.

The “Carso”, along the memory

“Carso” is a small world full of natural singularity, with landscapes that follow each, mysterious scrubs, quiet rural villages, dizzying views of the Gulf of Trieste, secret corners to explore with patience and curiosity, leaving accompany the lazy streets that cross it.


Medieval Soave

Medieval Soave

Soave is a fascinating medieval village, famous for the production of Soave DOC, one of the most famous italian wine….

Venice Carnival 2015

    It’s Carnival time in Venice, it’s now time to have fun and attend a lot of parties that will  bring you back…


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