Along the Prosecco’s paths

Days: 4      Equipment and clothing

Subtle, fresh and elegant, fragrant, floral and fruity wine

Subtle, fresh and elegant, fragrant, floral and fruity, a listing persuasive decreed the success of Prosecco, creating a style of Italian modern drinking, casual and cheerful.
The result of a history that began about 150 years ago, this wine is the ambassador of a unique territory, embroidered with thick vineyards where growers have won inch by inch from the slopes of steep hills, creating a stunning landscape, whose beauty is proved by the desire to nominate the area to the World Heritage Site.


Landscapes describing wine and genuine foods, the wine culture has drawn deeply into the landscape of an area among the most beautiful in Italy, where viticulture has developed and integrated with the geographical, physical and climatic of the landscape.


We are in Veneto, 50km far from Venice, in the hills between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, located at equal distance from the Dolomites and the Adriatic, a combination that positively influences the climate, which is mild throughout the area, the winters are not too cold and summers are hot but not muggy .


These lands are full of charm and artistic/historical attractions, where people have maintained the pleasure for tradition, for the hospitality, along with the love for food and local produce: meats, cheeses, meats on the spit, herbs, chestnuts, “grappa”, mushrooms, honey.


There are lands full of surprises and hidden treasures among the valleys and villages scattered in this region, without apparent order, where it is fun to get lost in searching of traces of human presence.


The best way to discover the Prosecco’s region is to be guided by the many roads and trails through the vineyards and woods: surrounded by the green, satisfied by the flavors, cuddled by the attention, affected by new emotions you are ready for a journey through the hills that the passing of time has created into curious shapes, today covered by vineyards.


A world where skillful hands, with passion, carry out precise movements, stories passed down from generation to another, techniques learned with patience and jealously appreciated.


A world full of natural ingredients with unique qualities, with a strong knowledge anchored to tradition.


From the well-chosen combination of these elements have been created unique food farming, evidence of a link with the time and memory never failed.



  • Departures: from April to October

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