Along the Prosecco's paths


 Valdobbiadene    -    
Hiking trail of Cartizze


Cartizze, 107 hectares thickly covered in vines, the heart of a vineyard extends across the hills with the best sun exposure. It occupies the steepest hills, between the slopes of three small village: San Pietro di Barbozza, Saccol e Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene and owes its value to the perfect union between the mild microclimate and an ancient plot, originating from the lifting of the seabed. Hiking over tiny streets among vinyards until you will find of the most famous wine tavern, a place that has no equal in the world, an aperitiv under the shades of the vines.

Lunch full of tradition with the “spit Alta Marca”, cooked very slowly so the meats become very  soft. After lunch,  visit of a historical cellar where you can learn the secrets of Prosecco. The cheeses of a local farm, finally, small productions obtained with milk from cows feeded by fresh grass of the alpine pastures.

Excursion: h. 9.00 – 13.00
Excursion: biking trail of Cartizze (San Pietro di Barbozza – Saccol - Santo Stefano) – Aperitif: in nice and typical “Osteria”
h: 13.00 – 15.00
Lunch in local “Trattoria”– San Pietro di Barbozza / Salis ristorante enoteca – Strada di Saccol.
h: 15 – 17.00
Visit of a Prosecco winery- visit of local Cheese artisan farm.


 Col San Martino    -    
An excursion among vinyards, bucolic churches and castles.


From Col San Martino , a small village located at the foot of the hills , you can reach almost immediately the thirteenth-century church of San Vigilio , with frescoes of the XIV century . Climbing up the side of the hill following a steep road that goes in the vineyards that climb almost to the ridge line . The neat rows of vines that it will fit every curve of the ground, tell the great efforts made by men and women to produce the wine that has become the symbol of the aperitif in Italy . The panoramic glimps followed one another , until reach the ridge of the hill. The downward path leads us in view of the Torres del Credazzo: the ruins of a castle built most probably in the thirteenth century. Further down you can admire the church of San Lorenzo with medieval bell tower, situated in a prime location that allows you to embrace the large amphitheater of a vineyard and the underlying “Quartier del Piave”. Traditional lunch , in a historical inn , before visiting a small and prestigious wine cellar , followed by a visit to a cured pork meat factory that handed down the tradition of production once the patrimony of each family.

Excursion: h: 8.00 – 13.00
Excursion: Col San Martino – Chiesa di San Vigilio – cresta del monte Moncader – Torri del Credazzo – Chiesa di San Lorenzo – Col San Martino
h: 13.00 – 15.00
Lunch: Local “Locanda” – Col San Martino
h: 15.00 – 17.00
Visit of of cured pork meat factory


 Combai    -    
The road of Verdiso


Combai is the “marroni”,(fine variety of Chestnuts) chestunuts Kingdom. This village is well-know for chestnuts.

Similarly THE Verdiso, one of the four grapes that go into the production of Prosecco, it has found in these hills the plot and climate particularly suitable to enhance its characteristics. So in the place the wine is product in puruty.

From Combai the route passes through vineyards, woods and hills, until reach the church-sanctuary of Ronch. After this visit, return to Combai.

Lunch in local restaurant before to immerse into the  history and the silence of the cloister of the Cistercian Abbey of Follina delicious. Finally, a small winery, hidden through the hills, shows you the secrets of Verdiso.

Excursion: h: 9.00 – 12.00
Excursion: Combai – Vergoman – Serre – Duel – santuario di Ronch - Combai
h: 12.30 – 14.30
Lunch: Local Restaurant –
h: 14.30 -
Visit of Abbey Follina; visit an local farm


 Refrontolo    -    
Through the Arfanta’s Hills


Now he is a mute witness of a time gone, but over the centuries his wheel, moved by the force of the water, gave the movement that transformed the mill grain into flour:  the mill is hidden in a corner that seems the location for a fairytale, with fairies, gnomes and elves waiting for visitors.

On the hills around the vineyard landscape is a bit wild even though the houses scattered tell the presence of man.Lunch in a local farm, an ancient farmhouse. Finally a short  trip for discovering Conegliano, one of the most important city in this area and the castle of San Salvatore, important  historical testimony of the medieval period.

Excursion: h 9.00 – 14.00
Excursion: molinetto della croda – Cà Mondaresca – Arfanta – local “agriturismo” – Molinetto della Croda
h: 14.30 – 17.00
Visit of a local farm in Refrontolo; visit to the church Pieve di San Pietro di Feletto, stop in Conegliano, stop in Castello di San Salvatore a Susegana

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