Dolomites, in the kingdom of pale mountains

Day 1: The valley of the spikes and ice cream.

 Venice    -     Peak Falzarego
Venice Zoldana Valley Peak Giau Peak Falzarego


The Zoldana Valley is the gateway to the world of the Pale Mountains, of which anticipates all the features: picturesque valleys, coniferous forests, alpine meadows, rocky massifs by the bold shapes. And history, characterized by the mining activity, which for centuries was held in this valley, specializing in the production of spikes used in the construction of the great palaces of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. It is also specializes in the production of ice cream, which its inhabitants, by far, the best gelato, have spread throughout Europe. And from this part of the valley starts a thread that binds artists of all special,  the wood sculptors, whose work is still widespread in the Dolomites. Will not miss the first meeting with the local cuisine and in the evening, after a fun-rise, we will sleep at 2,751 m. above sea level, overlooking a spectacular panoramic balcony.

Points of interesting landscape: Bosconero, Tamer- San Sebastiano, Civetta, Pelmo, Peak Giau, Nuvolau, Croda da Lago, Lastoni di Formin, Tofane

Points of historical interest: Peak Falzarego was one of the "hot" dolomite front and conflicts between Italians and Austrians for two and a half years. Trenches, tunnels, fortifications can still be visited, making it one of the most important museums in the open air of the Dolomite front.

Interesting visits: Spike’s Museum in Forno di Zoldo; Church of San Valentino in Mareson ( Andrea Brustolon’s sculptures ); Museum in Selva di Cadore, tasting local cuisine

Excursion: difference in level m. 649. Time: hours 2.00. Difficulty: E – Easy trail

Day 2: The wall queen and the Peak of mountain pastures

 Peak Falzarego    -      Peak Rolle
Peak Falzarego – Alleghe – San Martino di Castrozza – Peak Rolle


A convenient way downhill on a path that grazes the walls bold and spectacular views over the Val Badia back to the Peak Falzarego, after a brief visit to the First World War fortifications dug into the rock. We’ll go first at the foot of the Owl, regarded by many as the queen of the walls of the Dolomites, the “reign of the sixth grade” and then at the foot of the Pale di San Martino, a bastion of peaks that has no equal in the world. Valleys hardworking, in which recognize the character typical of the Dolomites, will be the backdrop to travel and places that have been able to keep in balance the tradition and the development of tourism. A short walk will lead to an alpine hut, not only to rest, but also to discover life in the pasture, the milking fresh milk, cheese and other typical products of these valleys.

Points of interesting landscape: Punte di Fanes, Piz Dles Cunturines,Civetta, Pale di San Martino, Peak Rolle, tasting local products

Points of historical interest: forte Tre Sassi, gallery Sass di Stria

Excursion: Descent height difference m. 918; difference in level in height m.335. Time: hours 3.00. Difficulty E - easy trail

Day 3: The “Rosengarden” and the magic of the enrosadira

 Peak Rolle     -     Torri del Vajolet
Peak Rolle – Predazzo – Moena Torri del Vajolet


In the morning you can get up early and ” participate” in the milking of the cows, as a result , after a short walk , it starts to get to the ” Forest of the violins ” to all known for the quality of its firs resonance , used by the makers of a time. The Val di Fiemme welcomes opening in all its beauty : villages perched amidst lush meadows in sunny valleys , surrounded by some of the most beautiful Dolomite groups , including the Sella , Latemar and Rosengarten . In Moena , the point of connection between the Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa , still speak Ladino , an ancient Romansh language and culture is a rich mix of traditions , history, religion , art and legends. And of course food and wine , we are in the homeland of the famous Puzzone of Moena, who along with other cheeses perpetuates a tradition of productions casierie to whom the milk that comes from the mountain pastures ensures aromas and flavors not found anywhere else , offering not only a journey in taste, but a path , in space and Time, through the senses. You fall asleep under the Vajolet Towers , in the heart of the Catinaccio, an endless chain of jagged ridges , peaks and sharp spiers , whose rocks during the day , from dawn to dusk , change hue, in warm tones of pink . Here, in fact , ” flourishes ” the Enrosadira (alpenglow) , the extraordinary phenomenon that at sunset colors of pink and purple the Dolomites of Fassa.

Points of interesting landscape: Latemar, Sella, Catinaccio (Rosengarten)

Interesting visits: “foresta dei violini”, cheese factory Predazzo, Moena, tasting local products

Excursion: difference in level in heightm. 671. Time: hours 2.00. Difficulty: EE - Challenging path, past a rocky spring, some areas are equipped with wire ropes.

Day 4: “The God’s field” and the wood valley

 Pera de Fassa     -     Ortisei
Pera di Fassa –Peak Sella Ortisei


A long passage under the walls of the Catinaccio and Roda di Vael take the entire morning and take you to the ” God’s field ” , a balcony overlooking Val di Fassa in the Dolomites . From here it can embrace with a look around the Catinaccio group , with the Roda di Vael , the Cigolade , Cima Rosengarten , the famous Vajolet Towers and jagged Dirupi Larsec . In the distance you can also see the impressive group of Sella and Pordoi , the majestic Marmolada and the Monzoni group , the Lagorai and Latemar .

The following transfer to Val Gardena will do the Peak Sella , one of the most famous mountain peaks of the Dolomites, dominated on one side by the beautiful Torri del Sella and by the barrier of Mesules and the other by the Sassolungo , a bit of light-colored rock that looms air and majestic on the pastures from which seems to arise with a sharp boundary , as if someone had built a partition wall .

The Val Gardena is a land full of surprises , but also human values ​​and entrepreneurial uncommon for an alpine valley historically closed and isolated , and preserved in the Time a solid reputation for artistic sculpture of wood.

Points of interesting landscape: Catinaccio, Dirupi di Larsec, Ciampedie, Peak Sella, Ortisei

Interesting visits: Galaria Unika, Val Gardena Museum

Excursion: difference in level in height m. 350; Descent height difference m. 965. Time hours 6.00. Difficulty: EE – Challenging, in the first part that exceeds down a rocky equipped with wire ropes, in the remaining easy path.

Day 5: The valley of the mills and the bishop's castle

 Ortisei     -     Brunico
Ortisei Val Badia Longiarù Brunico


From the Peak Gardena Sassolungo emerges as a giant stack trapezoidal , which radically changes shape according to the different angles from which you look at it , while everything looms the formidable set of the Sella group , an amazing bastion of rock high up to 1500 meters extends for five kilometers. Coming down from the Peak through the Val Badia , which extends between the giants of the Dolomites and Piz Boe Sasso della Croce . It ‘ a landscape always happy , high mountain powerful but refined by the succession of forests and meadows , guarded by ” viles ” , the most typical and also the oldest settlement in the Val Badia , bringing together two different ways of living together: the more Roman social and the most closed and isolated population of the Rhaetian and bajuvara .

Founded by a bishop , Brunico , that we will reach in the afternoon, is the cultural and economic capital of the Val Pusteria , the “green valley ” , so named for the large expanses of meadows and coniferous forests that characterize it.

Points of interesting landscape: Peak Gardena, Puez, Sass Dla Crusc, valle di Longiarù

Interesting visits: Les Viles,valle dei mulini; historical city center of Brunico, Castle of the vescovo, RIPA Messner Mountain Museum, woollen mill Moessmer, laboratory production speck

Excursion: difference in level ascent and descent m. 250. Time: hours 3.00. Difficulty: E – easy trail

Day 6: The queen of Cadore in its beautiful valley

 Brunico     -     Misurina
Brunico – Braies – Cortina d’Ampezzo Misurina


The lake of Braies , where we’ll arrive at the beginning of the morning , lies nestled like an emerald in a setting of woods and rocks , an idyllic setting in which stands the contrast between the sense of tranquility inspired by the lake and the challenge of the peaks that tormented him overhang .

From Dobbiaco , through the Val di Landro , a very picturesque area , across ravines and rocky peaks , you can reach Cortina d’ Ampezzo , situated in a wide , sunny valley where are the superb frame Tofane, Pomagagnon, Cristallo, Sorapis , La Rocchetta , Beak of the Mezzodì, the Croda da Lago and Nuvolau . It ‘s the most important resort in the Dolomites, one of the most famous ski resorts in the Alps and confirms his reputation in the Time of the privileged place of the ” sweet life ” , the symbol for more than a century of elusiveness and fashion , international showcase of ‘ Italian way of life .

In the late afternoon we reach Misurina , with the lake that lies in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Alps, surrounded by woods and Dolomite peaks and walls of exceptional grandeur : the Piz Popena and Crystalline , the Peaks, Cadini of misurina , Marmarole and Sorapis .

Points of interesting landscape: Braies Lake, Cortina, Peak Tre Croci, Misurina lake.

Interesting visits: Paroissal Church (main altar of Andrea Brustolon), Madonna della Difesa, ethnographic museum of the Regole d’Ampezzo, ice stadium (Winter Olympics in1956).

Excursion: difference in level ascent and descent m. 800. Time: hours 4.00. Difficulty: E – easy trail

Day 7: In the heart of Dolomiti, the Tre Cime of Lavaredo

 Misurina     -     Venecia
Misurina Tre Cime di Lavaredo Auronzo di Cadore Pieve di Cadore Venezia


Dominate as a warning in the middle of the Sesto Dolomites, surrounded by a court of peaks consigned to the memory as well as by firms of men who have climbed the walls also from the battles fought here during the First World War. The Three Peaks of Lavaredo are a fascinating landscape, accessible to all, to climbers that in the time, on their walls, have traced major climbing routes and backpackers of all ages and abilities that can easily circumvent them enjoying a majestic landscape, leaving enveloped by a sense of vertigo in front of the vertical challenge that launch at every glance. A spectacular journey in the heart of the Dolomites, between spiers and walls, testimonies of war and unforgettable scenic spots will take us to their presence. A tribute to the nature of these places, just before the end of the trip.

Points of interesting landscape: Refugio Lavaredo, Refugio Pian di Cengia, Rifugio Locatelli

Points of historical interest: Rifugio Lavaredo, Rifugio Pian di Cengia, Rifugio Locatelli.

Excursion: difference in level ascent and descent m 350. Time: hours 5.00. Difficulty: E – easy trail

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